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QuantityItem #DescriptionPrice
CL304Callirobics-for-Beginners(basic shapes to music, workbook with CD.) Ideal for participants w/low developmental ability.$30.95  
CL404Callirobics-for-Kids ages 4-7 (shapes to music, workbook with CD.)$30.95  
CL408Callirobics ABC, Learning Letters to Music; Upper and lower case (2 workbooks and a CD). Ideal for Pre K-2. Fun & easy sing-along$35.95  
CL504Callirobics-for-ages 7-14 (connected shapes to music, workbook, CD & Teacher's Guide.) Great preparation for cursive!$37.95  
CL554Callirobics-Advanced (advanced connected shapes to music, workbook w/CD/continuation to CL500/504)$30.95  
CL557Children's series for Pre K-2 (CL304+404+408) Save $10%$89.87  
CL558Children's series for 2nd grade and up (CL504+554) Save 5%$65.46  
CL559Children's series CL557+CL558 (CL304+404+408+504+554) Save 15%$143.44  
CL600Callirobics-for-Adults (Workbook, CD &Teacher's Guide.) Ideal for stroke, Parkinson and Alzheimer's patients$37.95  
CL900Replacement Books for CL304/CL404/CL504/CL554/CL600. Each$10.95  
CL90AReplacement books for CL408 (2 books, upper and lower case)$13.95  


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